Overstuffed grocery bags. When I go to the grocery store, I generally bring more than enough reusable bags. I mean, I pretty much have a closet full of them, so why not, right? But invariably, the bagger acts like it’s a contest to see how few bags he can get away with using. And not only that — there’s always one bag that gets, like, every heavy item I purchased. Let me tell you, two milks, a few canned goods and a large yogurt = heavy. Why not just put a couple of those items in one of the 63 other bags I brought in that you haven’t used? WHY?

Josh Groban’s music. I … just don’t understand the appeal.

I-95 through New York City. Whose brilliant idea was this? I mean, most cities have the option to drive around. Sure, you can drive through Atlanta or Indianapolis, but if you’re hitting it during a busy time, no problem — just hop on 465 or 285 and whip around. This does not appear to be the case in New York, where I can’t imagine it’s EVER not stop and go.

Instagram. I know, you’re all going to hate me, but, as much as I love the fact that it gets more people to share pictures, I mostly don’t get why it’s suddenly so cool to make your photos look like they were taken in 1973 and sat in a photo album for the last few decades.

Clothes that are just straight unflattering. I guess if I were a size 2 and had perfect arms and legs, I wouldn’t be as concerned about whether or not a dress shows that I have a waist, but lately, it seems like there are so many clothes out there that are basically muumuus and, well, that only serves to make me look much, much bigger than I am. And most ladies I know prefer to have clothes that don’t make them look twice as big as they are, so, what’s the deal with this trend? (I’m talking to you, anthropologie. I shouldn’t have to add a belt to every. single. thing. I try on in your store, should I? This was not the case a year ago.)

What are things that you’re just not getting lately? It’s not just me, right?