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Look what we caught at Gainesville’s Downtown Festival and Art Fair!



Jared and I go to Gainesville’s art fair every year, but usually, we just look — arts are expensive, y’all! However, we’ve been going back and forth on how to decorate our back porch, and when we saw these cute little guys (from The Miranda Gallery in Clearwater, Florida — if you’re in the area, you should TOTALLY go), we were both sold. They were totally reasonable, plus, since we bought a few pieces, they gave us a bit of a deal.

Also, someone has a birthday coming up next month, and so I was able to get him a birthday gift that I like, too! It’s like presents for everyone!




Since I leave again in a few days for another trip, I thought maybe it was about damn time I filled you in on the NYC trip. Aren’t I thoughtful?

It was, in short, a whirlwind. But a lovely whirlwind. We were picked up in a town car, driven to the airport, and the flight was uneventful. Plus, they offered us extra snacks! Woo hoo, go Jet Blue!

We stayed with my old roommate, Robyn, who is fairly new to the city herself. Which is why, when we went to bars we liked (and that first night, there were A LOT OF BARS. If there was a beer shortage in New York on Labor Day, we might be to blame.), Robyn jotted down the names and locations on her map. We also got chance to hang with my pal Chelsea, who is one of those NYC women who can run around in heels. Awesome.

Monday was sightseeing (and shopping! in Soho! and we saw Avenue Q, where we learned the Internet is good … for porn!), taking the Circle Line cruise down to the Statue of Liberty. It was a beautiful day, lots of sunshine, and my lips got burnt. Seriously, folks, they’re still all dry — if you have a super extra happy family lip balm you can recommend, shout it out. I’ve got three kinds on call at all times right now and I’m still way whiny.

Jared and I went to the Museum of Natural History the next day, and DUDE! They have the COOLEST dinosaur skeletons there! You might have thought most people would get that dinosaur excitement out in the second grade, but, nope. Especially when they’re all lively and attacking Jared!

But, at least I made a friend.

The Egyptian exhibit was pretty amazing. I think I fit in pretty well.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art was the last museum we saw. We were going to squeeze in the Museum of Modern Art (not all on the same day), but honestly? We were arted out. How are you going to beat the World’s Most Giant Balloon Dog, anyway? We didn’t hit the gym, but Jared got to show off his chiseled torso nonetheless. Also, $10 Kristen Bucks to anyone who can name the movie the picture of Jared is based on.

I know (assume? hope?) that some of you are super curious to know about the photoshoot, and trust me when I say it pretty much everything I could have asked for. I have some posts going up this week on StyleList, and once those have gone live and I get home from my next globetrotting adventure (to the exotic locale of … Michigan. Please, hold your applause.), I’ll get more pictures up from that. But, you should be pretty well filled in by then — I’m doing a four part series, one post a day starting most likely on Monday. With galleries of pictures! Look through, and leave (nice) comments!

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