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I’m currently in New York, hopefully doing something unimaginably fabulous, but more likely drinking wine in the middle of the day and staring at dinosaur bones. Which, actually sounds kind of fabulous to me, and if you disagree, well, that’s really too bad.

Anyway, before I left, I got a chance to SHOP for WORK, and then WRITE about it! God my life is hard.

My post goes live at BeautyHacks today (Monday), and four other women will have done the same thing, with posts popping up throughout the week. Check it out. You get to see me in some really unflattering jeans, if that’s any incentive …

Also, I’ve started doing a twice-weekly feature at the StyleList blog (along with my girls Cat and Kyle) on really bad celebrity fashion. It’s called StyleFoul, and I think I’m having more fun than I should get to have doing something for which I’m being paid, and … well, I hope you like it, too. I’m up every Monday and Tuesday, and you won’t believe today’s. Good god.


Just in case there’s anyone out there who doesn’t waste spend a large portion of their day reading all my blogs, I thought I would throw in another one: Beauty Hacks! My first post just went live, and I’d loooove some friendly comments.

I’ll only be there once or twice a month, but you have the ability to get involved and post your own goodies — go check it out!

So, I know I haven’t really been around much lately, and I’m really, really sorry. I’d like to say I’ve been swamped, and I have been, kinda, doing things like rebuilding and rehanging a fence door (which is HAAAAARD), and laying pavers for a patio (probably hard, but J did most of it while I was out), and hanging curtains and mirrors and pictures and AAAHHH. Where was I?

The Fourth of July weekend got me behind with work, and there’s no better feeling than starting the month off behind, you know, so I’ve been struggling to catch back up. I’ll do it, and it’ll be cool, but for the first time, I’ve had that feeling of, “Sheesh, this job is TOUGH.” Until now, it’s been all,  “La, di da, I’m getting up today and WRITING and it’s LOVELY and la, di da, di da …” Guess the honeymoon’s over.

But, along those lines, I have a new job to add to my resume! I am a content editor for Beauty Hacks, which is a new division of BlogHer, and it’s fabulous. My post will be the first one (assuming everything is working), and it’s going live tomorrow (Tuesday), so, if you have a minute, check it out and leave nice comments!

But, I’ll give you one guess as to where I HAVEN’T been much — the gym. I have such a hard time keeping multiple important things a priority. Now, who wants to motivate me?

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