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I’m feeling pretty proud of myself, here:

Notice the number of things that Go Together! Notice how little is on there! And one of those outfits? For the plane! Throw a couple of purses into the mix (okay, carrying one and bringing three, but they take up, like, NO space, and it’s totally necessary, and two are clutches, which hardly even count), a few toiletries, and I’m packed, baby.

I know you can’t really tell what everything is, but you’ll be seeing plenty of these outfits, with me in them, in the next week or so. I promise. Or threaten. Whatever — I’m off to NYC in the morning!


Okay, folks, I have some fabulous news — we’re moving! Not far, just to a different part of town, and into a new, much bigger house! With a fenced yard! As you can imagine, the dogs are very excited (and so are we).

But, you know what that means … MOVING. I really don’t like moving. Don’t get me wrong — I live being in a new space and getting it all set up, but the actual process of moving turns me into the world’s biggest Bitch. That’s right — with a capital B. I don’t know why, but something about it really just makes me get fussy.

It doesn’t last long, but you’d better pray nothing drops on my foot or breaks my nail because GOD HELP ME I will just go nuts. If you’re anywhere in the Southeast, and you hear a ridiculous profanity filled rant early next week, it’ll probably be me.

That being said, I’ll totally get pictures posted of us moving in and me being an enormous ass. Maybe Jared will even want to chime in, who knows? But, in the meantime, if you don’t hear a lot from me, that would be why.

Oh, yeah, and there’s this little thing about being asked to model in a catalog and getting a free trip to NYC, but you’d rather hear about my batshit crazy moving meltdown, I’m sure … right?

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